Real Estate Feltes - Your partner for successful real estate transactions!

You wish to buy, sell or rent a property? Bureau Immobilier Feltes is your ideal partner for the management of your projects. Relying on a professional and motivated team, Nadine and Marc Feltes will do their utmost to ensure that all your real estate transactions run smoothly.

We offer you a complete service, synonymous with excellence and reliability, thanks to extensive know-how and a high-performance business structure.

We take care of the management and administration of your real estate transactions, from the (free) quotation and site visits, through financing options, to the signing of notarised deeds or rental lease agreements.

Discover our top-of-the-range services in the field of real estate: sale, purchase and rental, all complemented by a quality service.

You certainly want to know more! Here are some frequently asked questions about real estate transactions:


What is the value of my property? To ascertain the value of your real estate, we offer you a complimentary appraisal, which forms the basis for determining the selling price. This estimation remains free if the sale or rental is facilitated through our services.

How is the sale of my property facilitated? We will work together to establish a complete file for the sale of your property (land registry, property manager…).

Could there already be potential buyers? Through our complete customer database summarising their specific search criteria, we will be able to target the correct potential customers by offering a preview of your property.

How do I get in touch with prospective buyers and other actors in the transaction? No problem: via our agency, our sales team put you in touch with potential purchasers.

How should I advertise my property? For this you can fully rely on the communication strategy of Bureau Immobilier Feltes. We use all available communication channels; internet, social media, general print press and promotion.

How are visits to my property organised and what information will be provided to me? We will organise the visits and provide you with feedback after them. We will also keep you informed of the progress of the sales process.

Negotiating is not necessarily my strength … I could actually use some help. No worries! Bureau Immobilier Feltes will mediate in price negotiations between you and the prospective buyer.

How can I be sure that the purchaser will obtain a bank loan? There is never absolute certainty, but, on request, we can prepare the bank file for the purchaser, which can make the process easier.

Who takes care of the pre-sale agreement and other formalities up to signature of the notarised deed? We will accompany you in this process and we will also take care of these formalities.



I intend to purchase a property. Are there currently properties on the market, which match my dreams? Our team is at your entire disposal to accompany you in your search by suggesting properties to you which correspond to your criteria. At the same time, an email alert will be created to inform you as soon as a property corresponding to your criteria becomes available on the market.

I am interested in a property. What should I do? Please contact us. We will be happy to arrange a visit for you at your convenience. We will guide you through the acquisition process, in the case that you are interested.

How do I make contact with the vendor of a property in which I am interested in? Our sales staff will put you in contact with vendors.

I want to communicate my purchase intentions in order to maximise the chances of success. This is exactly the purpose of the numerous communication approaches of Bureau Immobilier Feltes: we will publish advertisements in the electronic media, but also our social networks as well as the specialist and general print press …

I would like to visit a property in which I am interested in. We are happy to organise this for you, at your convenience.

I need assistance in negotiating with the vendor. With our expertise, we can assist you in such negotiations!

How do I finance the purchase of the property of my dreams? We will advise you on all of the financing possibilities. We will help you to prepare the file for the bank and, if you wish, to get in touch with the banking institution.

I have made my decision to buy a specific property. Who helps me deal with the purchase formalities? From preparing the pre-sale agreement up to the signature of the notarised deed, Bureau Immobilier Feltes will be happy to assist you!


As for buying and selling, we also offer you a wide range of services for the rental of your property:

  • the visit to your property before renting it out (valuation, rent, taking photos, advice …),
  • the consultation of our numerous customer files in research,
  • the creation and management of a file (tenant, anti-money laundering, CPE, rental contract ...) for the management of your property,
  • messaging and SMS services,
  • a targeted communication strategy which exploits both the possibilities offered by electronic media, but also those offered by our social networks and by the products of the specialist and general press,
  • organising visits to the lease property for potential tenants and preparing a monthly report for the landlord,
  • mediation and advice in negotiations between landlord and tenant,
  • verification of the complete rental file received from the potential tenant(s) (current situation, work, solvency …),
  • drafting your lease agreement in accordance with legislative developments,
  • the inventory of fixtures on entry and the inventory of fixtures on exit will also be carried out by us if the property is again rented through us,
  • follow-up until the keys are handed over.

Real Estate Feltes is your trusted partner for all your real estate transactions, throughout the entire Grand Duchy. Since we know how much these transactions mean to you, we commit all of our know-how to providing you with complete and business-like services..

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